Psychic’ parrot who guessed three Euro 2020 results chooses England for semi-finals

A psychic parrot has predicted that the England team will win against Denmark in tomorrow’s Euros semi-final.

The Three Lions scored four goals against Ukraine in Saturday’s match, storming their way to the semi-final where they will face off against Denmark.

Eva the parrot has a history of correctly guessing how games will pan out, guessing right three times.

The seven-year-old blue and gold Macaw parrot has ruffled feathers after already rightly guessing that England would beat Germany and that Switzerland would beat France in this week’s game.

Eva is set special tests by her keeper at the aviary where she lives at Wicksteed Park in Kettering.

Last year, she even correctly guessed England’s mammoth win against Ukraine on Saturday.

Captain Harry Kane scored two of the goals. Harry Maguire scored one and so did Jordan Henderson within minutes of being brought onto the pitch, cementing the team’s place in the semi-final game on Wednesday.

Eva’s “test” involves her being invited to choose from bowls of bird seed in front of the teams’ respective flag.

Whichever bowl Eva chooses to eat from, is the team she is predicting will win.

Sophia Perkins, who looks after the birds at Eva’s aviary, said: “Eva is known to be a very intelligent bird but we never realised she had a talent for predicting football results.

“She’s not let us down once – but it would be nice if she squared, ‘Come on England,’ during matches.”

Eva is not the only psychic animal to have predicted the England team’s successes.

In 2018, Rabio the octopus – who has since died – correctly predicted the results of Japan’s first three World Cup group matches in Russia the same year.

Other animals who have successful predicted the future have included Mystic Marcus the pig and a cat named Achilles.

People living in London were told earlier today that they could be in with a chance of winning tickets to the Euro 2020 semi-final if they get or book their coronavirus vaccination by Thursday.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said it was part of a vaccination drive.

As well as tickets to the semi-final, 50 pairs of tickets to the fan zone at Trafalgar Square are also up for grabs.

Mr Khan said: “It’s really important we continue to boost the number of young people coming forward to be vaccinated.

“We are already seeing the big difference that the vaccine is making in our fight against the virus, but the next two weeks are absolutely crucial in ensuring restrictions are lifted.”

More details on this will be posted on the Mayor of London’s social media on Wednesday.

Many will be watching the semi-final the same day to see if Eva’s prediction is correct.