Woman gets hilariously dragged away from friend’s proposal so she doesn’t ruin the surprise

We all want to be there for our loved ones during the happiest moments of their lives, but sometimes it’s best to take a step back for everyone’s sake.

That’s what friends and family of one particularly “extra” woman did when they pulled her away from a surprise proposal because they knew she would be so excited for the couple that she would ruin the moment.

A video currently going viral on TikTok shows three women huddled together taking a photo, before a man approaches his wife and puts his hand over her mouth to drag her away from the scene.

When the other women turn around, one of them catches sight of their significant other bent down on one knee, ready to ask for her hand in marriage.

Text on the video reads: “So our cousin didn’t know about the proposal…. and we knew she’d be extra.

“So her husband had ONE job…. don’t ruin the romantic moment

“Definitely a much better reaction than we anticipated”

The clip has racked up a staggering 24.4 million views, and over 4 million likes.

And thousands of people have left comments on the video, with many of them joking that it probably wasn’t the first time the man has had to drag his wife away from a situation to stop her from causing a scene.

One comment read: “Why do I have a feeling that’s not the first time he’s had to do this with his wife?!”

And another said: “This doesn’t seem like the first time he had to do that.”

While a third replied: “You could tell he’s been waiting to do that for a minute.”

And others sympathised with the woman, stating they’re also the friend that can be a little too excited at times.

One said: “Basically kidnapped her so she wouldn’t embarrass him … my husband does this to me.”