My husband left me and then went on our honeymoon with my best friend’

When you come out of a long term relationship – especially a marriage – it’s always going to sting a little when your partner moves on sooner than expected.

But, while moving on is a natural part of a break up, one woman was left feeling betrayed, when her husband of four-and-a-half years left her for her best friend.

As far as Kathryn* was concerned, everything was going great between her and Tim, after they’d finally decided to treat themselves to a honeymoon, several years after tying the knot.

After exchanging excited emails, the couple had stumbled across a huge sale at a luxury hotel they’d been wanting to stay at for some time, and it even had availability when they’d be in town – so Tim told Kathryn they’d book it that evening after work.

But, when Kathryn arrived home, ready to book the trip, she noticed something was up with Tim; he wasn’t excited, or happy at all. Instead of booking the hotel, Tim told her he wanted a divorce instead.

She told Capsule’s Divorce Diaries : “Everything after that is a blur, but I can picture his face and how nervous he was. I was so, so, so, so shocked, but I know I asked him why and he just said, quite coldly, ‘Because I can see that I’m not in love with you and this marriage is not going to work out.'”

Kathryn was devastated and her loved ones couldn’t believe it, with some even questioning whether there was someone else in the picture, causing him to change his mind on their marriage so suddenly. But, things turned from bad to worse for her when she noticed her group of friends began acting strangely, and she found herself left out of events and social gatherings.

After having a good cry about everything to her mum, Kathryn decided to invite a friend – who also hadn’t been invited to the various events – out for breakfast to make herself feel better. But, when she arrived, two of her other best friends were there.

“I remember my best friend looked so tired and nervous and said they had something they needed to tell me and it was pretty bad,” she recalled. It was then that one of her good friends appeared to be in a relationship with Tim.

Gobsmacked and hurt, Kathryn tried calling both her friend and Tim, but neither of them picked up. So, completely out of character, she decided to turn up at the woman’s work to confront her, however when she arrived, the receptionist told her she was away on leave.

Then, Kathryn remembered that it was the week she should have been away with Tim on their belated honeymoon.

After speaking to her other friends again, she discovered that the woman had put up a social media post from the very same hotel she had been planning to book with Tim, and she wasn’t alone.

When Tim and the woman got back, they told everyone their relationship had only begun once Tim ended his marriage with Kathryn, but she just doesn’t believe him.

“It was complete bulls*** and I know it. How do you suddenly go on a romantic holiday with someone you’ve only been dating a handful of weeks?”

Two years on, Tim and Kathryn’s former friend are still in relationship, but fortunately Kathryn is no longer in love with him, and she can now see him for the man he is.

*The names in this article have been changed.